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Toddler Program Overview

Great Beginnings Last A Lifetime

Do you have a toddler 18 months to 30 months who is ready for the preschool setting? If so, we have good news for you.

Our toddler community provides an environment which is carefully prepared to meet the unique needs of this age group. Our classroom accommodates children 18 to 30 months old with one teacher for every seven students.

In this setting the children come to feel the classroom is their own peaceful, special space where they play a meaningful role in their own care and the care of their environment. All furniture is a size that allows maximum independence, and the Montessori toddler materials are designed to be attractive and inviting to the children.

Taught by a Montessori toddler teacher, the program for the youngest group at our school acknowledges that a child's mind is most absorbent during the first three years of life.

Because of what Dr. Maria Montessori termed "the absorbent mind", children develop many language and motor skills without formal instruction, as long as their environment is rich with learning opportunities.

The primary goal of our toddler program is to create a nurturing and secure environment where young children can do what they do best - explore everything! The main focus is language and motor development, assisting the child in developing self-help skills (including toilet-training), and helping children build trust in relationships.

The entire toddler environment is designed to allow the children to explore and to develop concentration and coordination. The teachers observe the children each day and monitor their development and readiness. Social interaction, language skills, independence, food preparation, outdoor play, music and movement activities are integral to the Montessori toddler experience.

The hours of the full day Monroe Montessori toddler class are from 8:30-3:30 Monday through Friday. Half day options (8:30-11:30), 4 day week and extended care are available by request.  (See Summer School page for Toddler Class options that begin in June.)


We gladly welcome visitors to our school during the school year. For the initial visit we ask that you come after school between 4:00 - 4:30 Monday through Wednesday. You will have a chance to visit the different classrooms and talk with the teachers. You may bring your child with you.

If you would like to observe a classroom, you can set up a time with an individual teacher that works well for both of you.

For the classroom observation to go smoothly and for you to see the children in as normal and natural a setting as possible, we ask that you read our Observation Guidelines.

Following your classroom visit our Head of Staff will be happy to meet with you to answer any additional questions or concerns.