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We believe Lindsey has benefited from the strong sense of community the Montessori environment provides. We believe in this environment it is more likely Lindsey will learn about self-discipline, problem-solving, and respect for herself and others. We also believe the thinking atmosphere the Montessori environment provides has helped her to become a critical thinker and instilled in her an even greater love of learning. Also by being in a class of first, second and third graders, we believe Lindsey will be able to progress at her own pace. We feel lucky Lindsey can attend this school!

~ V. Brodeck

I have had a child in Mrs. Moody's (formerly Ms. B) preschool class for the past three years. I have also spent a considerable amount of time in her classroom as a parent volunteer. Mrs. Moody provides a kind, loving, and nurturing environment, where each child is respected and valued. My children love(d) the time that they spent in her class, and I will not hesitate to trust my third son to Mrs. Moody's care. Five years ago we made the decision to enroll our first child at Monroe Montessori. At that time, our knowledge of Dr. Montessori’s philosophies and practices were limited, however; we have since learned of the incredible benefits of both “the Montessori classroom” and attending the Monroe Montessori School. Each child is treated as an individual and is encouraged to work at their own pace, free from many of the restrictions found in a public school setting. The children become comfortable within the classroom and begin to challenge themselves both academically and socially. Each year we watch our children and their classmates bloom into eager learners, always wanting to know more. The education system in this country is struggling with overcrowding, insufficient resources, and unsafe environments. Parents everywhere are looking for answers and want more choices. Well, our family firmly believes the Monroe Montessori School has given us both a choice and a voice. We have observed our children and their classmates learn, grow, and develop a self-confidence that will be carried throughout their lifetime. We wish all school systems could provide such an education. ~ H. Nottingham

Monroe Montessori is providing a nurturing and motivating learning environment for our son. His class is small, his teacher devoted and caring, taking the time to learn about him as an individual and helping guide him to reach his personal best goals. The staff and owners are fabulous, too, and we feel as parents that we have support.

~Bernadette Pajer

Montessori has been the most amazing journey for our daughter over the past two years. We couldn't be more impressed with the quality of programming and staff at Monroe Montessori! We wanted our daughter, Cassandra, to attend preschool to prepare for public school. The preparation Cassandra received was far more than we ever expected. We hoped she would learn her letters and sounds -she learned to read. We hoped she would learn her numbers and counting - she learned estimation, geometry and place value. We hoped she would learn the names of the city and state where she lives - she learned the names of every continent and every living thing in Australia.

While we couldn't be more proud of Cassandra’s academic accomplishments, these are not the greatest gifts she has received from her Montessori teacher. Our daughter has learned self confidence, self discipline, and a truly intrinsic love of learning. These are the most impressive things Cassandra has learned. Cassandra often chooses to work at home. She enjoys reading and writing and learning in her “free time”. She has confidence in her abilities, is able to patiently learn from and teach others and is reflective about her strengths as a student and person. She works hard but never seeks extrinsic rewards. The joy is in the learning for her, and in a job well done. The teacher helped shape our daughter into an amazing young lady, ready and anxious to meet the world head-on.

Her Montessori education has taught her HOW to learn and be excited about learning. Over the holiday break, Cassandra proudly announced to everyone, “I am never bored!” It’s true - she is never bored. That’s how Monroe Montessori has influenced our daughter’s development and prepared her for LIFE, not just school. ~S. Culossoy