Additional Registration Forms Needed

Tuition Payment *

You have the option of paying 10 equal installments from August to May during the year or you may pay quarterly. It is preferred that the total amount of tuition is paid at the beginning of the school year. Application for enrollment must have a non-refundable registration fee attached. Payments are due no later than the 5th of each month.

Payment received after the 7th needs to include an additional late fee of $35. Non-payment of tuition may result in temporary suspension until payment is made. If paying by credit card a convenience fee of 3.25% will be added to the payment.  A returned check or electronic payment is subject to a $35 fee.

Early Withdrawal Tuition Obligation

Early Withdrawal Tuition Obligation:

May-July 10%, August 20%, September 30%, October 40%, November  50%, December  60%, January 70%

Withdrawal between February-June of the school year: 100% of annual school year tuition. After the first 10 days of the school year a 60 day written notice is required if you are withdrawing your child.

Volunteer Requirement/Fundraising Requirement

There is a 15 hour a year parent VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT. To volunteer in the classroom the parent must attend a Volunteer Orientation meeting and clear a Washington State Background screening. There are opportunities to volunteer both in the classroom and outside the classroom. A parent may also opt out of this requirement by paying $165 before May 1st each year. All families whose children attend Monroe Montessori School are members of the Parent Booster Club.(PBC) Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of the programs offered at our school. The PBC holds two fundraisers each year to help supplement the cost of the enrichment programs and the purchase of new Montessori materials. The fundraiser in the fall is typically a Sally Foster Wrapping Paper type sale. The Spring Auction held in late March, early April is the main fundraiser. The suggested procurement donation for each family is $100 or more to this annual event. The PBC and the Fundraising Chairperson have lots of great ideas to help families that aren't sure how to meet the fund raising obligation. (see the Parents page for additional details)

Extended Care Policy

Full time families have the option of signing up for both before and after care. Space is often limited to full time users. See Parent Bulletin board in the Extended Care Room to check space for occasional part time use. We close promptly at 6:00 p.m. each night. Late pickup is charged at $3 per minute for the first 15 minutes with a minimum of a $15 charge. Late pick up after 6:15 is charged at $3 per minute with a minimum of a $45 charge but may result in your child not being able to use the Aftercare services following a decision by the Director.

Education Funding Alternatives

Seeking alternatives to help pay for tuition? It is becoming more common for grandparents to support the education of their grandchild by paying part of tuition. At this time we do not offer scholarships or tuition assistance. Some families have looked into a private education loan. Check with your local bank for available education funding options. A second option is to take advantage of a Coverdell Account. Contribution to the account are not exempt from taxes but contributions do grow tax free once in the account. Private elementary education is eligible to use this type of account. It works best for middle income families. See your accountant for details.

Tuition w/ Auto-Pay
10 PaymentsSupply FeeSchedule
Toddler: Full Day Class - 5 days
Toddler: Half Day Class - 5 days
Toddler: Full Day Class - 4 days

Preschool: Full Day Class - 5 days
Preschool: Half Day Class - 5 days

Preschool: Full Day - 4 Days$8,550$855$2508:30-3:25
Preschool: Half Day Class  4 days Extended
Preschool: Half Day Class - 4 days

Pre/k-Kindergarten: Full Day Class - 5 days
Pre/k-Kindergarten: Half Day Class - 5 days

Elementary Classes (1st-6th)

Before Care/After Care On School Days
10 Payments

Before Care 7:00 - 8:20 - unlimited use

After Care 3:30-4:30 - unlimited use$1300$130

After Care 3:30 - 6:00 - unlimited use

Combined AM/PM Care - unlimited use

Occasional Use AM 7:00 - 8:20

$12 per time

Occasional Use PM 3:30-4:30

$8 per time

Occasional Use PM 3:30-6:00

$20 per time

*See office for Toddler Ext. Care options/fees

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2020-2021 School Year Tuition 

Registration fee is $100 for all classes