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Ms. Lehan's preschool news:

We have had so much fun doing a unit on counting to a 100, using nickels and dimes.  The children had a wonderful time dressing up in clothing representing their dream occupation, taking photographs for our class auction project.

Next up: Plant Unit.

Mrs Thompson's transitional preschool news:

We are currently learning about the human body and will soon be studying Dr. Seuss and do many special seussical projects. 

West Campus news:

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Classroom News

Mrs. Parson's Preschool news: 

We just finished a unit on nutrition discussing the different food groups and how eating healthy food helps us have healthy bodies. We are starting a unit on water and land forms, which will lead into our unit on the planet Earth and the continents. 

Our next big class project is for everyone to make a globe.

Mrs Chi's Preschool news:

​We just started our unit on Nutrition as well as working on our Peace curriculum.

Students are starting to take reading books home, and are excited about sharing their talents finishing the classroom auction project.

Mrs. Moody's Preschool News:

We are finishing up our study of the human body.  We will move our focus to building friendships, creating a peaceful classroom and learning to problem solve. 

We are experiencing with magnets to learn about electromagnetism and the meaning of the words "attract" and "repel". We are also starting our studies on landforms.

We are excited about our beautiful birdhouse Auction project.  Stop by the classroom and have a look!

Mrs. Gleaves' kindergarten 

class news:

​We are diligently working on measurement, and getting to know all things in our land/water forms unit.

Lower Elementary class news:

​We are currently learning about money using fractions. We are studying rocks and minerals, learning to identify and classify, and the students are working hard on research reports on various topics.

 Next up:  Poetry and memorization of Shakespeare!

Upper Elementary class news:

The students are learning about prime and composite numbers, and just began their study of ancient Rome. Students are learning architectural terms such as arch, keystone, buttress and aqueduct. The fascinating history of the Coliseum and its uses were discussed. A brand new work available on the shelf is a Montessori arch building work with wooden blocks.