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​​​Ms. Jones- Assistant Teacher

Miss Jones is new to the Monroe community and already loves it here. She is also excited to join the MMS staff as an assistant preschool teacher. Miss Jones previously worked as a nanny for 4 years. She adores watching children learn and grow through play, and has started the process of obtaining her Montessori certification in preparation for becoming a lead Montessori preschool teacher. In her free time, Miss Jones loves to bake and try new recipes, spending time with her family and friends, and exploring new places around the world.

​Ms. Wright - Assistant Teacher

​​​​Ms. Walker
Ms. Walker is pleased to start her third year of working at Monroe Montessori School. She attended Arizona State University earning her BA in Elementary Education.  She previously taught public school in the Riverview School District before starting her own family. When the opportunity presented itself for her two daughters to attend MMS, she found herself on a new career path, learning all about the Montessori Method.

Ms. Barile - Transition Preschool Teacher

Ms. Barile has been working with preschool and elementary age children for several years as well as done volunteering in the Montessori class of her son. She is passionate about developing the whole child and assisting our young learners to become all that they can be. 

​In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her 15 year old son, riding horses, and all of the wonderful things the great Pacific Northwest has to offer.
Ms. Muller - Assistant Preschool Teacher

West Campus 

Mrs. Parsons-Assistant Preschool Teacher
​​Having grown up in the mountains of Colorado instilled a love for the natural environment in Mrs. Parsons. She attended the University of Washington where she earned a BS degree in Biology. She is currently a student at MEIPN working toward her Montessori teaching certification.  In her spare time she enjoys working in her garden, practicing yoga and spending time with her kids.

​Ms. Repin - Toddler Teacher

​​​Ms. Warness - Assistant Teacher
Miss Warness received her BA in History from Gonzaga University followed by a year of post-baccalaureate study in Speech & Hearing Science at Portland State University. She has 3 years professional experience working with children and led our transition preschool classroom in the 2017 summer school program. She has been a MMS staff member since June 2017 and is currently assisting in our pre-k/kindergarten program.

Ms Reeves​ - Upper Elementary Assistant Teacher/PE Teacher

Ms. Reeves is currently assisting Mrs. Kisela in our upper elementary class as well as teaching PE

Mrs. Watkins - Assistant Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Watkins started with Monroe Montessori School in September of 2015. Prior to employment here at MMS, she worked for 11 years in healthcare administration. She previously assisted at a parent led preschool co-op and valued the experience of helping children learn and discover. Mrs. Watkins loves being part of the MMS teaching staff and helping children to reach their true potential through the Montessori Method. She is also passionate about her family, music, multimedia, crafting and jewelry making. 
Mrs. Thompson - Assistant Preschool Teacher
​​Mrs. Thompson has worked with children in daycare for over twenty years.  She started teaching 15 years ago at Prince of Peace in Everett, and joined our Montessori family 11 years ago.  She has happily been teaching Sunday school at Peace Lutheran in Monroe for the past 29 years. Mrs. Thompson is an integral part of our after-care program, and she is also delighted to be re-joining Ms. Wright in B3, as an assistant teacher.

"Children are born with wings.

Teachers help them fly!"

Mrs. Kisela - Upper Elementary Teacher

Mrs. Kisela earned her Bachelor's degree in Accounting from the University of Washington and  worked in the accounting field as an assistant controller until she and her husband started a family.  All three of her children attended Monroe Montessori School from preschool through sixth grade. Mrs. Kisela has worked for thirteen years as an assistant teacher in upper elementary, lower elementary and kindergarten classrooms at MMS. She now has her Montessori certification in upper elementary and is very excited to be a sole lead teacher in the 2nd -4th grade elementary classroom  this year. When not in the classroom, Mrs. Kisela enjoys tole painting, music, and zip-lining! 

​Ms. Joly- Preschool Teacher
Melissa is a Rhode Islander who holds a Master of Science degree in Enviromental Toxicology and a B.S. in Soil & Water Resources. Prior to joining Monroe Montessori School, Melissa worked at Woodinville Montessori School as a kitchen manager is 2012. Melissa has also worked in outdoor environmental educational centers as a low-ropes course group leader, ran a small business as a professional organizer, and spent nearly a decade serving new mothers and newborns as a Leche League Leader and Certified Doula.

In her first third of life, Melissa managed a worldwide clinical trial for a pharmaceutical company, interpreted data as a technical writer and scientist for drug metabolism and discovery studies, and wore a lab coat as an analytical chemist.

Melissa's interest in the Montessori method was sparked more than a decade ago, as a parent partner teacher in a lower elementary Montessori classroom with her oldest daughter. Melissa was invited into MEIPN training in 2013, and earned her American Montessori Society Early Childhood Certification in June 2015. Both Melissa's daughters continue to thrive as Montessori-schooled outdoorsy kids who share her passion for connecting with family, traveling in their campervan, mushrooming, walking barefoot in the woods, cooking at home and building community.

Mrs. Fletcher- Lower Elementary Teacher
  1. I grew up in Brazil in the wonderful city of Rio de Janerio
  2. Right from when I was a young girl I have loved teaching others.
  3. I love to go on hikes with my family to see the mountains and trees.
  4. So far I have visited three different continents.
  5. I cherish good coffee and chocolate.  I enjoy cooking with friends and family, and I practice yoga.
Mrs. Webster-Transition Preschool Teacher
​​I am a longtime Snohomish resident and graduated from Snohomish High School in 1995. I have been in the early childhood education field for 23 years. I started as a school age assistant in high school. I have experience working with kids from the age of 6 weeks to 6th grade. I received my Montessori cerification from North American Progressive Montessori Teacher Training Center (now known as NAMC) in 2002. I mentored under long time Montessorians Bob and Judy Behen. The Behen's have owned and operated Montessori schools for more than 30 years.

I truly believe in the Montessori method because it has stood the test of time and we know it works. I hold this quote deep to my heart by Michael J.Fox, especially having an autistic child....."If children aren't learning the way we teach, then we need to teach the way they learn!" The Montessori method is a wonderful vehicle in allowing teachers to do that. When I am not teaching I enjoy reading, spending time with friends and being a very active part in my three children's lives thru coaching, volunteering and just the utter silliness that comes with being mom of 3!

Mrs. Moody - Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Moody has been part of the Montessori community since 1992. She graduated from Central Washington University in 1996 with  undergraduate degrees in Psychology, Family Studies and Child Development. She received her Montessori Certification from Seattle University in 1997.Mrs. Moody's favorite thing to do as a teacher is teaching children to read! The look in their eyes the first time they read a word is priceless. They are so proud and feel so accomplished. She loves the individualized learning that Montessori offers. It helps each child reach their potential through hands on exploration of materials. She also embraces different learning styles to help each child become a successful learner. Children's curiosity should always be encouraged and welcomed. Her son flourished through Montessori Elementary at our school and he took many of those life skills with him on to higher education.

In her spare time, Mrs. Moody enjoys gardening, camping, and spending time in her family cherry orchard in Wenatchee. She loves making homemade jams and pies, and carries this over into her classroom, providing many cooking opportunities for the children. Everything from homemade tortillas, homemade applesauce to holiday Yule logs, children love to be in the kitchen and so does Mrs. Moody. 
Ms. Wright- Preschool Teacher
  1. I love teaching!  I have been teaching young children for over 20 years.
  2. I love to get my class excited about upcoming lessons & new units of study.
  3. I have a 18 year old daughter and a 24 year old son.
  4. I love spending time with my friends and family.
  5. In my spare time I like to scrapbook.
Mrs. Dean- Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Dean’s interest in learning about the development of the child stated with the birth of her own two boys 41 years ago. When she decided to send my children to Monroe Montessori School it was the beginning of her love and appreciation for the Montessori Method; a lifelong journey of learning and growing.

After assisting in the Montessori preschool classroom for a number of years, Mrs. Dean decided to get her Montessori certification to become a lead Montessori teacher. She became a lead preschool Montessori teacher in 1996 and has been actively teaching at MMS ever since then.  

Mrs. Dean believes in the protection of things considered worth caring for-stewardship. She feels a deep sense of responsibility to be a steward to the children enrolled in our school. She holds this stewardship not as a responsibility, but an honor.

In her free time, Mrs. Dean dreams of one day writing a children’s book involving scarlet runner beans and the botany that goes with them, teepees and children dreaming of what they would like to be then they grow up. I wonder if this idea will ever become a reality.

​Ms. Baerg - Toddler Teacher
​1. I am passionate about the growth of toddlers and love sharing in their delight.
​2. I love the Montessori method.
3. I am a mother of two.
​4. I enjoy cooking and the outdoors.
5. I enjoy teaching cultural cooking to elementary students after school.

Mrs. Gleaves- Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Gleaves has been associated with Monroe Montessori since September of 1984, when her oldest son started pre-school.  She has actually been ‘teaching’ since about age 9, when she taught her two youngest sisters to read.  She has a strong affinity for language; words, rhymes, whimsical thoughts, as exemplified by the likes of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein.

She enjoys sharing the ‘magic’ of science while encouraging excitement and curiosity. She likes to plant the seeds of questioning, hypothesizing and “what do you think?” brainstorming, as well as demonstrating ways one can “find out”.  She strongly believes that young children can rise to high expectations and respond well to consistency and natural consequences.

Mrs. Gleaves spends untold hours of free time attempting to improve at the art of dressage. She continues to marvel at the parallels between the teachings of the classical dressage masters regarding the training of the horse, and Maria Montessori’s teachings regarding her methods of educating young humans.

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