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Mrs. Sargent and Mrs. Walla's preschool news: We just finished our unit on planets and are in the middle of our land and water forms study. We will soon start our study of Asia.

Ms. Jones' transitional preschool news:

​Mammals, reptiles and fish, oh, my. Learning all about their differences and characteristics. We will soon be studying Dr. Seuss and do many special seussical projects. 

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Classroom News

Mrs. Parson's Preschool news:  Our Classroom is growing (welcome lovely new students!) and we are making sure everyone is familiar with the Peace curriculum. We are also currently studying the solar system. 

Ms. Hendin's Preschool news:

​We at doing our Continent works and the children are absolutely delighted with the land-air-water works on the shelf. Come check it out. 

Mrs. Moody's Preschool News:

​We are currently working on spanish colors, as well as our Peace curriculum. We are learning songs about love and peace in sign language and will soon start our Asia studies. 

Mrs. Gleaves' kindergarten 

class news:

​We are diligently working on measurement, and getting to know all things in our land/water forms unit. The children loved working on this years auction project. We are so happy it found a good home.

Lower Elementary class news:

​We are currently covering our Poetry unit, studying one genre a week. We are also studying Asian animals. Next up:  FRACTIONS!

Upper Elementary class news:

​We just celebrated Chinese New Year! We will begin our study of the  early civilization of Mesopotamia.  and explore the beginning of written language.